Through our team of in-house lawyers and other collaborating lawyers with whom we work, we intervene in civil and commercial proceedings in most regions of Spain.

Clients often come to us for situations of various kinds; a dispute with the owner of a rented property, the recovery of an outstanding loan that was not paid, a problem with insurance after payment of compensation, cross-border divorce, disputes over ownership of a property, collection of an unpaid bill from a client, etc.

There are many cases in which an out-of-court settlement can be reached, as it is always more convenient to avoid the courts, of course.

When the matter is presented to us, the first thing we do is assess whether an amicable agreement with the other party is possible. If that avenue is exhausted, we will proceed to an evaluation of the judicial scenario which will be duly presented to the client so that he can understand the situation simply.

As an international team, we also intervene in the execution of foreign udgments in Spain, and vice versa, the execution of Spanish judgments in other European countries.

Our legal team consists of lawyers and jurists trained in different countries. This combination of legal knowledge within the same team provides added value to work and obtain favourable results in the recognition and enforcement of judgments across borders.

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