Real estate contracts and the execution of buildings works


Having advised thousands of foreigners on their property acquisitions in Spain, we know what the most important aspects of a sound contract are when buying a home and when building or renovating a property.

Sometimes it can go wrong, of course. Not all parties are always in good faith, and sometimes it can go wrong when building or renovating.

It is always advisable, however, to seek legal advice before signing any documents.

Construction disputes involve many parties; the developer, the architect, the contractor, possibly also subcontractors, and in addition, insurance companies that have to intervene as well.

Through our experience, we have acquired solid knowledge in the matter, and not only from a legal perspective, but also through our own technical advisors with whom we work together to evaluate each situation and understand its legal and technical implications.

To achieve your goals, with a good legal team, you are already half way there.